History of Pest Control Insulation, LLC

History of Pest Control Insulation, LLC

Pest Control Insulation, LLC launched in 2001 with the issuance of EPA registration #72787-1 and the grant of state registrations as a pesticide for our flagship product, Thermal Acoustical Pest Control (TAP®) Insulation. This unique product is classified and registered as a pesticide.

Cellulose Technologies Group, Inc. is the intellectual property company that earned the patents and the original EPA/state registrations for TAP® Pest Control Insulation, a residential and commercial pest control insulation made from fiberized paper. Cellulose Technologies Group, Inc. is a joint venture of William Turk and John Elliot.

Until 2012, TAP® was marketed and supported by Pest Control Insulation Systems, a d/b/a of Hudson River Trading Co., Inc., and S corporation owned by William Turk. In 2012, Pest Control Insulation, LLC was formed and an irrevocable, permanent license was granted to it by Cellulose Technologies Group, Inc. as the sole distributor of TAP® Pest Control Insulation.

1997 - TAP® Insulation begins as prescription medical bedding for the poultry industry
2001 - Pest Control Insulation, LLC works with Orkin to develop TAP® further
2001 - The first EPA-registered bag of TAP® Pest Control Insulation rolls off the line at Applegate Manufacturing
2003 - The T·A·P® Attic Capping Program is formalized
2004 - The T·A·P® Attic Restoration Program is formalized
2009 - Pest Control Insulation, LLC becomes a distributor of Johns Manville's ComfortTherm® Fiberglass Insulation for the Crawl Space
2009 - Pest Control Insulation, LLC signs Terminix as one of its preferred providers
2010 - The manufacturing network for TAP® Pest Control Insulation is expanded with the addition of GreenFiber, USA
2012 - Pest Control Insulation, LLC becomes a member of the Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA)
2012 - The corporate offices of Pest Control Insulation, LLC move from Homer, GA to Lula, GA
2014 - TAP® Pest Control Insulation re-applies for and earns the Energy Star® Seal and Insulate mark under the new guidelines
2015 - Pest Control Insulation, LLC is invited to join the National Insulation Contractors Exchange (NICE)
2015 - TAP® Pest Control Insulation earns the coveted UL Certification mark

Pest Control Insulation, LLC maintains an exclusive, annual sales contract with Rollins ("Orkin"), Terminix and other large and small pest control companies to supply insulation products, equipment and supplies to its branches. Pest Control Insulation, LLC currently operates in the United States and provides turnkey equipment packages, training and support for pest management and wildlife professionals. These packages create new revenue opportunities through innovative, environmentally responsible and high value pest control systems for homeowners and commercial customers.

Pest Control Insulation applied and earned the Energy Star® Seal and Insulate Mark naming TAP® Pest Control Insulation as an energy-efficient upgrade for homeowners seeking to lower their annual energy costs while protecting their home and family from pests. In 2015, Pest Control Insulation, LLC earned the coveted UL Certification mark from Underwriters Laboratories for its flagship product, TAP® Pest Control Insulation further conveying the companies commitment to quality and high standards for their clients.

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